Bill McGraw

  • Bill McGraw Bill McGraw drove for Gill Kirk before the formation of The Rod Shop. Bill drove alot of Chevy's. His first for Gill was a 1966 Corvette. He also drove a 1968 Camaro "Batcar" and was runner up in '68 at Indy and Spring nationals. Bill was a shop employee and for 1969, Bill drove a 1969 Corvette in the E/Sport class and held the national reecord until the class was discontinued. He then ran the Corvette in C/Modified Production and in C/Gasser. Bill won the 1970 Division 3 Indy points meet. In late 1970, Bill was tasked to drive the '71 HEMI Charger R/T in the SS/E and SS/EA Class.

    • Bill McGraw

      • Bill, an early Rod Shop team member, is a mechanic in the shop's service department. A past NHRA record holder and modified eliminator, Bill is campaigning his '71 Charger in the SS/E and SS/EA. He and his wife Hellen have a son and daughter, Billie Rae and Bobbie Kay, and live in Columbus Ohio.