CHARGER Super Bee>
Even with a 383 Magnum...it's a regular gas.
1971 Charger Super Bee: "One great shape; two great ways to go."

Hey, man. It's easy to own a super set of wheels if you have a super budget to feed it with. Check?
On the other hand, if you think about it for a while, maybe you could find another place to use the green. If you had some left over. And her's how you get it.
Super Bee, the great-looking piece of man's iron that knows how to live on a budget. Start with a 383 Magnum that's learned to like regular. Plus a power-to-weight ratio that combines handling, stopping, and the ability to leave quickly. Add heavy-duty suspension, super breaks, F70 x 14 bias-

belted skins, and the floor-mounted full synchro three-speed. That's some motor.
And boy, is it great when you have enough left over to take it out Saturday nights. There are a lot of nice, good-thinking reasons to buy a Super Bee. So ignore the fact that it looks like tommorow and runs like it's all down hill.
Sure you will.
383 Magnum V8 (uses regular fuel) dot Performance hood with blackout treatment dot Ventless door glass (43'

radius). dot Simulated wood-grained door trim panel inserts, instrument panel appique and Rallye Instrument Cluster with 150-mph speedometer and oil pressure gauge dot Rallye Suspension Package (includes heavy-duty torsion bars, heavy-duty rear springs, sway bar, and heavy-duty shock absorbers) dot 3-speed fully synchronized transmission with floor shift dot Heavy-duty breaks: 11" x 3" front; 11" x 21/2", rear dot F70x14 wide-tread, white sidewall, biasbelted tires dot Dual exhausts.

Super Bee AD

'71 Super Bee
1971 was the last, and lowest production, year, for the Super Bee, as only 5,054 total were built.
'71 Super Bee
There were lots of options available this year. The standard engine was the 383 Magnum.
'71 Super Bee
Superbee options available: Spoiler Package, Colored Bumpers, and Sunroof

'71 Super Bee
...great new addition to the Dodge Scat Pack


'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee
'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee

'71 Super Bee