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1971 Super Bee Club

I will design, build, and host your '71 Super Bee web site free of charge! This invitation is also extended to all 1971 Dodge Chargers! (I do like them R/T's) This invitation may also Bee extended to past owners.

I provide this free services because I believe this will play a role in the continued preservation of our Super Bee's.

Benefits to Our Club
Having a place for all 1971 Super Bee's web sites makes our Bee's much more visible and attractive to potential hobbyists.

Having a Club will help one another in swapping/trading parts.

Trading information for restoration.

Provides a venue to publicize Events.

I provide Artwork for: Business Cards, "Look but Don't Touch" signs and other request.

The prefix for your URL will be http://www.71superbee.com/Your_Name.

Each Club member's site will be the same layout as www.71superbee.com The color of your site will Bee the color of your car for your main home page and sub pages.

You provide me with necessary information, photos, and materials regarding your Bee. The more information you provide, the more interesting your site will be to our visitors.

You can update your site as many times as you like - there are no restrictions!

Whenever possible, it is best to send your information and photos to me electronically. That reduces the build time on my end and allows visitors to enjoy your site that much sooner.

Sending Information & Photos
To send your information by e-mail, please save the text in a text or Word file. Images should be saved in a jpeg or gif format at 72 dpis and approximately 35 kilobytes. If necessary you can mail your graphics to me and I will scan the images for you. Please be sure to mark all images. I will return your photos to you once they are scanned.


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