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By AutoHobbyDigest:

Super Bee of Mexico

The Super Bee was a performance package available to the Mexican market in the 70's and early 80's. It was first available on the A-body platform, and later on the F-body platform. Stripe treatments were changed almost yearly.

Most of these pictures were provided by Gil Pablo Sentíes Beverido of Córdoba, Veracruz, Mexico.

1970 Valiant Super Bee

This Super Bee was found in this condition in the United States. The factory 270HP 318 4bbl and A-833 4 speed were still present at the time of these photographs. A careful eye will notice the woodgrain inserts in the door panels and, despite the fact that the front seat is missing, it can be observed that the floorpan is drilled for a bench seat, not buckets. It is also still wearing at least one of its Kelsey Hayes Mexico-only steel rims (front passenger side).

1971-1973 Super Bee

1971 Valiant Super Bees were equivalent to the US model Dusters and used US "Shark-tooth" grilles (as did the six cylinder Valiant Dusters). 1972 Valiant Super Bees were, of course, based on the Chrysler de Mexico's 1972 Valiant which was the equivalent of the US domestic 1972 Demon. (no pictures)

1974 Super Bee

1974 was the last year of the 270HP 4bbl 318 for all Chrysler de Mexico automobiles, it was replaced with a similar, most powerful 360 for 1975. This beautiful Brown / white top Super Bee is a four speed car and it is owned by Freddy Reyero.

It was photographed at a car show held by the Club De Coleccionistas de Autos Jaguar. A.C.

1975 1976 Super Bee

The 1975 and 1976 Super Bees were the last two years that the model was based on the A-body Valiant two door. In 1975, a 300HP 4bbl 360 replaced the 270HP 318 that was used from 1968-74. The red 1975 Valiant Super Bee belongs to Jorge Santana and is considered to be a reference restoration.

It was photographed at a car show held by Asuciacion Mexicana Del Automovil Antiguo.

The blue 1975 Super Bee is a 300HP 360cid v8 equipped with an automatic transmission. It is also equipped with Kelsey Hayes Mexico-only steel wheels, trim rings and center caps. It is owned by the brothers Ramon and Demetrio Espinosa Navarro. It was photographed at a car show held by the Club De Coleccionistas de Autos Jaguar. A.C.

1977-1980 Valiant Super Bee

For 1977, the Super Bee was available on the F-body platform. They were available with either a standard non-overdrive four speed or an automatic. The Carter Thermoquad equipped 360cid V8 was rated at 300HP.

Carlos Alberto Oliver Aceves owns the restored blue 1977 Super Bee that is featured in the following three pictures.

Gil Pablo Sentíes Beverido owns the orange 1977 Super Bee featured below. This Super Bee is powered by a Carter Thermoquad equipped 360, four speed, and a 3.55:1. This type of aluminum wheel was available through a dealership accessory catalog.

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