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Car thieves have a variety of tools and tricks for stealing cars. But what they don't have is time.

These simple steps can put even more time on your side. Not only might these precautions throw off a thief long enough to convince them that your car is not worth the effort, but the longer it takes a thief to steal your car, the better the chance is he'll get caught.

  1. Mark your car. Thieves alter Vehicle Identification Numbers to throw off the police. But what thieves won't always find are the business cards, address labels, or other I.D.s you can easily hide in your car, and which will assist police in identifying your car.

  2. Tag your valuables. Cars are often stolen for their parts. But it's tough for them to sell a part that has your ID on it. Engrave your personal ID on stereos, cell phones, or any other valuable item you choose to leave in your car. Even better, don't leave valuables in plain sight.

  3. Don't leave a paper trail. Carry the registration in your purse or wallet and file the title at your home or office.

  4. Use the tools of the trade. Locks and kill switches were invented for a reason-use them! Some locks prevent steering wheels from turning, disable the gas and brake pedal, or disable the shifting of the transmission. Ignition and fuel kill switches prevent the car from starting or running.

  5. Be alarming. Loud warnings are attention-getters, something thieves detest. There are many alarms to choose from- some sound when doors/hood/trunk are opened, while others go off with glass breakage, motion, tampering, and towing. Also make use of panic buttons, back-up batteries, flashing parking lights or headlights, and automatic engine disablers.

  6. Out of sight, out of mind. If you have a garage, don't use it to hide your clutter, use it to hide your car. When parking in a garage, lock the garage door and your vehicle.

  7. Life ain't always valet parking. Sure, give the parking attendant your car keys, but don't leave them in your car for thieves. Nearly 20% of all vehicles stolen had the keys in them. Never hide a second set of keys in your car. If you can find them, so can a car thief.

  8. Don't make it easy on thieves. Close your car windows and lock the doors. Approximately 50% of all vehicles stolen were left unlocked.

  9. Thieves hate the spotlight. Park in well-lighted areas and attended lots, if possible. More than half of all vehicle thefts occur at night. The more visible your car is, the less likely a car thief will want to steal it.

  10. Never leave your car running, even if you will only be gone for a second. Many car thefts occur when drivers leave their car running while warming them up or make a quick stop at convenience stores, gas stations, ATM's, etc.

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