'71 CHARGER R/T Major Options

  • 1971 CHARGER AC

    Air Conditioning
    The Charger air-conditioning system is easily controlled by two sliding levers and a 3-position blower switch. In addition to providing the exact degree of coolness desired in the summer, and the exact degree of warmth desired in the winter, you can also dehumidify all year long. On cool but humid days, you simply slide the lower lever to warm, the upper lever to A/C, and set the blower switch at low, medium, or high. The outside air is first cooled to remove the excess humidity, and then warmed to the degree you desire before it is sent into the passenger compartment. New for 1971, the vent control permits fresh air to be brought into the car through the air-conditioning outlets. Air conditioning also increases the resale value of your car.

    A. Fan. This three-position switch controls the three speeds of the fan Low, Medium and High.

    B. Max A/C. This provides maximum air conditioning by shutting out the outside air and cooling and recirculating the air in the car.

    C. A/C. A measured amount of fresh air is cooled and added to the cool air in the car.

    D. Vent. This permits fresh outside air to enter the car through the air - conditioning outlets.

    E. Off. Simply moving the upper lever to this position turns off the system.

    F. Heat. When used in conjunction with the lower Temperature lever, this setting provides the desired degree of warmth.

    G. Def. Setting the upper lever in this position causes the proper amount of air to be sent to the defrosting outlets.

    H. Temp. The farther to the right the lower lever is moved, the greater the degree of warmth. The farther to the left, the cooler it will become.

    1971 CHARGER Cassette

    Cassette-type tape player and recorder
    A new option that is available with either the AM radio or the AM/FM stereo radio. Floor mounted, it provides instant listening pleasure of the driver's choice. An added option is a microphone which then makes it into a recorder into which the driver can dictate letters and memoranda. It can also record directly from the radio without a microphone.

    Automatic speed control
    Press button turn-signal lever and release it when desired speed is reached. Tap button to increase speed in small increments. Applying breaks, or turning off ignition disengages speed control. Resume speed after breaking to slow down by rotating collar until it stops. "Off" position on collar turns off unit and erases speed memory. N.A. Sixes. Automatic transmission required with 318. Automatic transmission and power breaks required with 383 V-8's and 440 Magnum.

    Tilt steering wheel
    This is the first year that the tilt steering wheel has been available in Charger. It can be tilted up or down to provide the best position for each driver, plus it enables drivers to vary their driving position or reduce the strain of driving. It also includes the rim-blow feature.

    1971 Tilt Wheel
    1971 Sun Roof

    Sun roof
    A sun roof is available on all models.
    A vinyl roof is included.

    Head-lamp washer
    Optional on all Charger models with concealed head lamps is the head-lamp washer. It is controlled by a switch under the edge of the left dash. When the switch is activated, fluid is squirted onto the lower beam head lamps, and small brushes scrub them clean.

    1971 Head-lamp washer
    1971 6 way seats

    Manual six-way bucket seat adjuster
    The manual six-way bucket seat adjuster has many different positions - fore and aft, up and down and tilt. It can be adjusted up and down a total of one and one - half inches. The seat is counterbalanced by spring action so that it is easy to adjust it up and down.

    Concealed headlights
    On Charger R/T or Charger Super Bee equipped with the optional concealed headlights there is an inside hood release. The concealed headlights and the inside hood release are standard on Charger S.E.

    1971 Concealed Headlight

    Rear window

    Controlled by a three - position switch under the left - hand edge of the dash, this clears the window of fog and condensation rapidly and efficiently.

    1971 Defogger Wipers

    Windshield wipers

    Controlled by an integral windshield washer - wiper switch, the variable - speed wipers provide greater selectivity of wiper speed to match weather conditions.

    Headlight delay unit
    When the ignition switch is turned off, and then the push - pull headlight switch is turned off, the headlights remain on for 90 seconds and then turn off - automatically. It must be done in that order - ignition off first and then lights.

    1971 Headlight Delay
    1971 AM FM radio

    AM / FM stereo radio
    The solid - state AM / FM stereo radio provides the ultimate in variety and listening pleasure. Two speakers are standard - one in front and one in the rear.

    Upper level Fresh-air ventilation.
    This uses a center - mounted, air - conditioner - type outlet to bring in fresh air without the wind noise caused by vent windows.

    Power steering.
    Using a roller - type pump, power steering does at least four - fifths of the work - making turning and parking far easier.

    Power breaks.
    Because power breaks require less pedal travel, the pedal is mounted closer to the floor where it is easier to reach. And, of course, far less pedal pressure is required.

    Power windows.
    Power windows, with safe, flush - mounted controls, offer the convenience of raising or lowering and windows from the driver's seat. Not available on the Coupe.

    Fender-mounted turn-signal indicators.
    The turn - signal indicator lights are mounted on the front fenders.

    In addition to the AM/FM stereo radio, there is the 2-watt Music Master all - transistorized radio.

    Hood hold-down pins.
    Nascar-type hood hold-down pins are an extra cost option on all Charger models.

    Front and rear spoilers.
    Only R/T or Super Bee can have both front and rear spoilers. All other Chargers can have the rear spoiler only - and only if they are equipped with the 383 4-bbl. The spoilers provide negative lift.

    Urethane painted bumper package.
    Optional on all models except those with concealed headlights, the package includes urethane paint front and rear bumpers, black painted grill, and louvered taillights.