'71 CHARGER R/T Standard Items

  • TorqueFlite automatic
    transmission. CODE D34.

    Standard on Charger R/T, it is mounted on the column. With the extra-cost console, it is mounted in the console.

    1971 CHARGER Trans

    4-Speed manual transmission. CODE D21.
    Optional at no extra cost on Charger R/T it replaces the standard automatic.

    Body side tape perforances stripes.
    These are standard on Charger R/T and add to it perforamce look. The can be deleted.

    1971 CHARGER Stripe
    1971 CHARGER Instruments

    Charger R/T is fully instrumented with gauges. The clock or tachometer are optional at extra cost.

    440 Magnum V-8
    With a lauge dual exhaust system, the Magnum produces 370 horsepower and 480 lb.-ft. of torque.

    Extra-heavy-duty suspension.
    Heavty-duty torsion bars, rear springs, sway bar and shock absorbers provide the stabilty a performance car requires.

    Heavy-duty brakes.
    To provide the needed extra stopping power, the front brakes are 11"x3" and the rear are 11"x2 1/2".

    G70 x 14" tires.
    CODE T93. The wide-tread, raised white letter biasbelted tires provide the traction and the strenght and the life needed on a performance car.