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  • Okay, let's get started.
    First you will need to know your codes. We are working with the model year '71 (Dodge Coronet Super Bee and R/T)

    The WM code:
    For '68-'70 W=Coronet, for '71 W=Charger. The "M" is for Super Bee all four years and stands for Medium Price Class. The "S" is for the Charger R/T model and stands for Special Price Class.

    '71 Body type:
    For '71 you could only have a two door hardtop:
    (23) Code = 2 Door Hardtop

    '71 Engine Codes:
    In '71 you had five Engine options a 340, 383, 426, 440 4bbl or a 440 6-pk
    U=440 4bbl

    Assembly Plants '68-'71:
    Super Bee's could be built at three Plants
    A=Lynch Rd
    E=Los Angeles, CA
    G=St. Louis, MO

    Sequence Number:
    The six digits are the assembly plant sequential number, starting with 100001, and going up from there.

    Build Date:
    Three number/letter

    For Transmissions ’71 the Codes are:
    D13=3spd manual
    D21=4spd manual
    D32=3spd Auto

    Order number:
    This is a six digit vehicle order number, which is assigned to the original dealer order sheet.

    '71 Body Paint 3 digit (Color Code):
    Body Paint (Color) '71:
    FE5=Rallye Red
    EV2=Hemi Orange
    FC7=Plum Crazy
    FJ6=Green Go
    FQ5=Turquoise Poly
    FY1=Top Banana
    GA4=Light Gunmetal Poly
    GB2=Light Blue
    GB5=Bright Blue Metallic
    GB7=Dark Blue Metallic
    GF3=Medium Green Metallic
    GF7=Dark Green Metallic
    GK6=Dark Bronze Metallic
    GT2=Tan Poly
    GW3=Brite White
    GY3=Citron Yella
    GY8=Gold Metallic
    GY9=Dark Gold Metallic

    '71 Trim Codes:
    You will need to use the four letter Code to search/filter. EG: C2B5

    '71 (Seat code):
    (Only listing in Database for Super Bee)
    3=Cloth/Vinyl Split Bench w/Center Armrest
    5=Cloth/Vinyl Buckets
    R=Leather-Bucket Seats
    Y=Vinyl-Buckets (*This Code has been seen used on a '71 Bucket Seat, 340 Super Bee)

    '71 (Interior color Code):
    (Only listing Color code in Database for Super Bee)
    T7=Dark Saddle Chestnut
    XA=Black Gunmetal
    XV=Black Orange

    '71 Top Codes would 3 digits (paint or vinyl): EG FC7 or V1F

    '71 Stripe Codes/Body Side Molding would be 3 digits: EG: V8X
    V5X=Body Side Molding
    V6X=Sport stripes (Black only)
    V68=Stripe deleted