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Super Bee Registry

Thank you for inquiring into the registry. We are the original Super Bee Registry established in 1992 and specialize in production facts and date for this vehicle. We have been accumulating original production information including both standard and special vehicle equipment options since 1978. Currently we are in the continuing process of registering all existing Dodge Super Bee's produced from 1968-1971, 2007-2009 and 2012-2014 in order to accumulate real data.

There is no charge to register your vehicle. The registry has provided and will continue to provide invaluable information of the vehicles remaining to its members. The following information will be provided in the database as submitted: several options, condition, vehicle ID number, production date and shipping order number.

Note: When we publish the accumulated vehicle information databases no names or addresses are given if told not to.

To register your vehicle, please fill out as much information as possible on the attached Fact and Data Sheet. Also, please submit a copy of your broadcast sheet (if available) and a image of your vehicle identification number tag and/or body code plate (if available). In addition, please submit a photograph of your vehicle for our records.

As a service to our members, at no charge, we will answer any questions, decode broadcast sheets, and body code plate (fender tag) to the best of our ability with the available information.

Should you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance to you feel free to contact us.

Registry Form

Registry Integrity - The integrity of the site and all registered vehicles must either be physically inspected by someone from the registry or a pencil rubbing, image of the VIN and fender tag if available must be submitted in order to have their vehicle registered.

Thank you,

Super Bee Registry

Super Bee Team
831 Thrasher Dr.
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