1968 Search Help CODE

Okay, let's get started.
First you will need to know your codes. We are working with the model year '68 (Dodge Coronet Super Bee)

The WM code:
For '68-70 W=Coronet, for '71 W=Charger. The "M" is for Super Bee all four years and stands for Medium Price Class.

'68 Body type:
For '68 you could only have a (21) Code = 2 Door coupe (rear window does not roll down)

'68 Engine Codes:
For the '68 Super Bee you could only have a 383 or a 426

Assembly Plants '68-'71:
Super Bee's could be built at three Plants
A=Lynch Rd
E=Los Angeles, CA
G=St. Louis, MO

Sequence Number:
The six digits are the assembly plant sequential number, starting with 100001, and going up from there.

Build Date:
Three number/letter

'68 Transmission Code:
D3=4spd manual
D5=3spd Auto

Order number:
This is a six digit vehicle order number, which is assigned to the original dealer order sheet.

'68 Body Paint "PNT" (Color):
The letter under "P" designates the color of the roof. The second letter under "N" is the body color. The number under "T" tells if it is two tone paint or monotone. The 1 designates monotone paint and the 2 designates two tone paint. Color is as follows: You will need to use the three letter Code to search/filter. EG: JJ1

A=Silver Metallic
E=Dark Blue Metallic
F=Light Green Metallic
G=Racing Green metallic
J=Medium Gold Metallic
L=Dark Turquoise Metallic
M=Bronze Metallic
Q=Bright Blue Metallic
R=Burgundy Metallic
T=Medium Green Metallic
U=Light Blue Metallic
Y=Medium Tan Metallic
3=Charger Red
6=Dark Green Metallic
9=Special Order

'68 Trim Codes "T" (Trim grade):
(Only listing in Database for Super Bee)
You will need to use the three letter Code to search/filter. EG: H4R

'68 Under "R" (Seat code):
(Only listing in Database for Super Bee)
4=vinyl split bench seats

'68 Under "M" (Interior color Code):
(Only listing Color code in Database for Super Bee)
B=Light Blue
D=White & Green
H=White & Tan
W=White & Black

'68 Vinyl Top Codes:

'68 Stripe Codes:
0=Black Transverse (Bumble-Bee)
4=Red Transverse (Bumble-Bee)
7=White Transverse (Bumble-Bee)
8=stripe deleted
9=stripe deleted