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I am searching for my cousins lost 69 bee. WM23H9E127714. Missing since the early 1980's from Melrose, MA. The car had a 426 wedge motor in it at that time.

1969 Super Bee

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Jim Reece

POSTED: 7/8/23 - 4:57AM

I have information for the current owners of the following:
  • WM21J8G224015
  • WM21M9A306940

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Jeff Robinson

POSTED: 9/17/10 - 7:10PM

I would consider selling/trading it for another date code correct 440 for A12 time frame as i would like to keep a date code correct engine with my car, but would also like the owner of the car i have the engine for to have the opportunity to get their original engine back if the car still exists.

The V.I.N. stamped on the block is 9A261880

Darryl Dayton

I have a 383HP engine for sale that originally came in a '69 superbee.
Casting date on block is 6-26-68. WM23H9A143309 stamped on side. Standard bore.
Needs rebuilt. Asking $900 OBO.
I wanted to check with your registry before I bring it to Charlotte Autofair in April.
If anyone needs the engine they may email me at:

wabarnes@rocketmail.com or call me at 419 789 0769. Thanks,Bill B.

Prior owner(s) information for retrieval of lost fender tag & buildsheet.
Car:1968 Dodge Super Bee
VIN: WM21H8E136113
  • Color: Red Primer but
    Original Color appears to be MM1 (Bronze Metallic)
  • Engine: Currently 440 1-4 bbl, Originally 383 HP 1-4 bbl
  • Trans: Currently 3 Speed Auto, Originally A-833 4 Speed Manual
  • Black Interior with Bench Seats & Headrests
  • Manual Steering
  • Power Drum Brakes
  • Non A/C Car

According to DMV records I ascertained, the car was registered in California and in 1973, was re-registered in Oregon. There have been several owners listed in Oregon since that date and I purchased the vehicle back in August. The DMV and the dealerships would not divulge any information regarding the prior owner(s), due to privacy laws.

My e-mail address is sbruce74@yahoo.com, please feel free to contact me if you think you might any information about this car.

Thanks so much,

Scott Bruce

Any information at all on this 1968 Super Bee VIN WM21H8E154208
Built 422 at the LA plant
color QQ1
Engine 383hp column shift,bench seat,two tone blue interior, Stripe delete, Power drums Power steering
Last owner is Brian Lee Giggy who owned the car in late 2000 and lived in Port Angeles WA.
Anybody who rememebers this car please get in touch.
Contact: dodgedriver43@hotmail.com
I have an A12 car block. I've been trying to find the car so they can be reunited. The block is stamped 9A303033 on the VIN pad.
Contact: B. Stewart
Original Broadcast sheet.
WM23H9G306688 Reg #281 Contact: Daniel Wellman
Original Broadcast sheet available to current owner of car with proof of ownership.
WM23N0G158855 Contact: J. Bober
WM23M9A297975 Reg #38 Contact: B. Washington
WM23N0G146020 Contact: honeybee70@comast.net
Prior owner(s) information for verification of lost fender tag and build sheet.
  • Car:1968 Dodge Superbee
  • SN# WM21H8A233758
  • Color: EE1 (Dark Blue)
  • Engine:383 HP
  • Trans: 4 Speed
  • Bench seat
  • Black Interior
  • Manual brakes/steering

The car seems to have been registered in New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania at time or another. I have contacted all 3 states with no avail because of the timeframe and also privacy issues. I traced it back to a dealer in Pennsylvania that had it in 2001. They would not divulge who the prior owner was either.

My email is dakgroup@tds.net, % of Duane or Ty even if you think you might have some info.. We will gladly call you back. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,

Duane Kittleson

WM23N0E114844. I am looking to locate the broadcast sheet. Contact: Will Mansell
WM23N0G119662. Looking to locate the broadcast sheet. Contact: Ken