I wish to make contact with the owner of Registry #4940, 1969 Super Bee

VIN: WM21M9A261258

Please contact Brian... bfwalker22@gmail.com or 409-927-6731


POSTED: 07/25/20 - 5:42AM

In a perfect world I could find examples with GY9 paint and V1W vinyl tops to perfectly complement the SE. But since we dont live in a perfect world, any one would be ok. For example, "Wanted: 71 Bee or R/T, no restored vehicles. I have a barn full of parts, am looking for project cars/shells to put the parts on. Color/options/drivetrain unimportant, but would specifically prefer (if possible) GY9/V1W/H51 cars.

I'm in southern NH

603-831-8360. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Stephen Atherton

POSTED: 05/04/20 - 7:30PM

I'm trying to locate my Dad's 68 Bee. I have pictures of the original car and some from when my Dad found it around 2001 in NW PA. I don't have a vin number, but I do have a bit of information (been hearing about this car for 30 years lol). From looking at the registry it seems similar to File #4609. Hemi, 4 spd, yellow/yellow. I know it had manual steering and power brakes. My dad passed away June of this year, so I thought it would be cool to get that car back to have in the family. I know he sold it in 71 w a 383 and the hemi is long gone, but even the rolling chassis would be nice. (I think it still had the eyelets welded to the front bumper/frame from when he used to pull it to the drag strip, on the car when he found it in 2001).

His name was Larry Greathouse and lived in Pleasantville PA in 68 and I believe the car was purchased at a local (or close) dealer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Corey Greathouse


POSTED: 10/10/15 - 6:30AM

I would like to find my 70 Bee I sold in 1986/87? I have the vin number is:
WM23N0A143367 or it may have ended in 1 not 7

It was a hemi orange 383 4 speed hardtop with the ramcharger hood. It also had a black interior with pwr st. and pwr. disc brakes.

I am from Echo Bay, Ontario and I sold it at a carshow in St.Ignace, Mi in 1986 to a guy from Toledo Ohio and I think he may have sold it after that

Thanks again

Please contact:
Marty MacIntyre Echo Bay Ontario
705-248-3293 h, 705-248-3333 w

POSTED: 04/14/14 - 6:43AM

I'm trying to find a 70 Bee that I purchased new.
Unfortunately, I don't have the VIN. I know the following:
Purchased Nowell Dodge, Arlington, TX in spring of 1970
Purchaser was Bill Kendrick
Yellow with Black Vinyl Top
Rare Factory A/C
Hi-performance 383/330 HP

Please contact:

Thank you,
Bill Kendrick

POSTED: 04/13/14 - 8:25AM

1970 Super Bee trying to find out if it still existed WM23N0A178500.

Please contact:

Thank you,
Earl Bailey

POSTED: 02/23/14 - 7:11AM

Wanted to BUY:
1968 Super Bee with four speed in restored condition.

Please contact:

Thank you,

POSTED: 12/24/13 - 6:26AM

I own a 1970 Coronet SuperBee VIN WM23N0A141768.
I have this car for sale with two engines, a 440 and a 383, and all its parts except for the original 383 engine that goes in it. I bought it in Georgia without the 383 engine. I am looking for this original engine.

If anyone has the engine for this car please contact:

Thank you,

POSTED: 10/29/13 - 7:50PM

Original Owner looking for 1969 Black Super Bee Coupe; VIN # WM21-H9A-135315:
I have window sticker. Car bought at
Thompson-Royal Dodge
Virginia Beach,VA.

Car traded in at Dodge Dealer in Yuma AZ around 1970.

Any information on this car would be appreciated.

Raplh E. Biondi
Canton GA

POSTED: 03/26/13 - 7:53AM

I was inquiring on the Super Bee registry and found my old car, Registry # 516 VIN WM23H9A214144. A 1969 F6 green car, I would like to contact the current owner. I did own the car about 7 years ago.


contact at redlinefire@live.com
Phone # 623-882-4408

Ken Barrier

POSTED: 10/012/12 - 10:55AM

In 1969 I bought a Super Bee from Ed Van Ness Motors in Wayne, New Jersey. I sold it after about a year and now that I am retired I would like to try to find the car if it still exists. I don't think I need to explain why as you must already know what fun these cars were and still are today. The car was equipped with the standard 383. I ordered it with a 4 speed and PS, disc brakes, an AM/FM and some other options. It was assembled in the Lynch Road plant. I have the original window sticker and will provide the VIN if you can be of assistance in my search.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

contact at azracefans@yahoo.com
Jim Warren
Cottonwood, AZ

POSTED: 2/03/12 - 11:09AM

Just trying to find the car, if it still exists.
1969 Dodge Super Bee
F-8 Green / Black vinyl top / black bucket seat interior with console
383 with ram air / 727 / 8 3/4 with 3.23 sure-grip
no side scoops
ordered stripe delete
Ordered through Dodge City, Spokane, WA.
Sold in Seattle area in 1976

contact at cparrish1965@hotmail.com
Chad Parrish
Missoula, MT.

POSTED: 1/31/12 - 7:06PM

Build sheet or past owner history for a 1970 Dodge Super Bee F8 Green, 383 Column automatic restored to mint condition.
Vin# WM21N0A150589. I do know that at some point the car was registered in Florida - currently registered in CA.

contact at travelin@lightspeed.net
(310) 864-4342 Steve

POSTED: 1/30/12 - 7:20PM

Original Owner looking for 1969 Black Super Bee Coupe; Ordered as follows:
Super Trak pack 8 3/4 rear 3:91 ratio
N96 Ramcharger hood
side scoops
AM radio w/rear speaker
white bee stripe
white bench seat interior
tinted glass/all windows
red line tires,dog dish caps.
I have window sticker. Car bought at
Bob Banning Dodge

Car had 2 owners up until June of 1970 after me.After running the address down could not locate either one in 1998.#WM21H9A192505 was the serial number.

While at York, PA.car show someone told me the car may be in the Pottstown, PA. area and a guy name Eric may have it, cannot locate him.

I have a Super Bee tribute drag car that has been painted to look like it but is a hardtop and has been lettered up.

Any information on this car would be appreciated.

Wayne A. Lee
Centreville, Maryland

POSTED: 9/29/10 - 9:17PM

I have information for the current owners of the following:
  • WM21J8G224015
  • WM21M9A306940

Contact me by email

Jeff Robinson

POSTED: 9/17/10 - 7:10PM

I just purchased a power bulge hood for the '71 Super Bee Charger I am restoring. I am looking for the Super Bee Hood insert for the Hood.
Contact me by email first then cell.
(530) 263-7031

Thank you so much

Jim K

POSTED: 4/05/10 - 6:59PM

Sublime 70 Super Bee 440 6pk (maybe someone will recognize it)
These pictures were taken in June or July of 1973 right before the car was sold.

Some specs as best as I can remember

  • 440 6 pack
  • Sublime
  • Black bucket seat interior with auto console on the floor
  • Black C stripes
  • Non- Ram air (standard hood)
  • 15 inch Rallye wheels
  • The car had a set of headers on it when t was sold

It also looks like from the pictures it had a small dent on the passenger side rocker panel (about 4 to 5 inches long)
Bought the car off of the used car lot of Fairfax Dodge in Fairfax Virginia around I think March 1973 So the car might have been sold new in the Northern Virginia area
The Maryland license plate number in 1973 was [NK 7724]

Super Bee Super Bee Super Bee

Contact: Andy

POSTED: 6/14/08 - 5:46PM

Looking for a '71 Ram Charger hood...I only need the hood but a complete one is ok too. I have a hood for my car but it's a 72 style and would really like to make my car correct since it is an original Ram Charger car and Im doing the full resto on her. Let me know if you hear of anything.

Contact: Dohn

POSTED: 12/17/07 - 6:09PM

Looking for a 1970 Dodge Super Bee:
  • R-Code in Condition 3- (auto and 4-speed)
  • V-Code in FC7 (Plum Crazy),
    FJ6 (Green-Go)
    or EK2 (Go Mango)
    or other special color combos (auto and 4-speed)
  • N-Code in FJ6 or EK2 4 speed only

Contact: Christoph Frey

POSTED: 03/20/07 - 8:09PM

I am looking for a Ram Charger fresh air system for my '69 Bee. I have the hood but not the under hardware.

Contact: Daniel Wellman

POSTED: 02/13/07 - 6:21PM

I am looking for hood inserts for the 1970 Superbee bulge hood; Also, a decklid for the same- can you help me out? Thanks, Hank- Dorr, Mi

Contact: Hank

POSTED: 12/10/05 - 7:58AM

I am looking for parts for a 1971 Super Bee.Passenger door, Trunk lid, Front valance and a Rear valance. Also a A903 3-speemd manual Trans.

Contact: Al

POSTED: 01/02/06 - 7:55AM