71 Charger RT Registry

The '71 Charger R/TRegistry

Welcome to the 1971 Charger R/T Registry. Celebrating the sleekly designed Dodge, which is more a form of automotive art, than a car. Where enthusiasts can find helpful information for decoding and statistics for production.

This registry & Charger R/T database is the result of two men who shared a passion for the ’71 Charger. John Bōber, who’s favorite Charger was the Super Bee, & Kevin Bucheger who admired the Charger R/T. John had already created two web sites www.71SuperBee.com, & www.SuperBeeRegistry.com. Both Kevin and John had been collecting information on ’71 Charger R/T’s for several years. They combined their resources & now bring you www.71ChargerRTRegistry.com.

Tim Wellborn, an established collector of muscle cars, once commented on how individualized new cars were in 1971. With high impact colors, in your face graphics, different trim levels and option combinations, it was likely you’d never see another car built the same as yours. Quite a departure from the bland "another sheep in the flock" feeling you get from new cars today. It’s that "automotive identity" which makes documenting how a car was originally built at the factory and restoring it to that original state, so appealing.

There are several interpretations of "restoration", but the true definition is: To return to a former condition. Many choose to build a classic car the way they want it. Painting it the color they want it with the options they want it to have, & there’s nothing wrong with that. Those who wish to research & document how their car was built by the factory & restore it to original, are the ones who will appreciate this website the most. Through a registry we can document how many of our favorite cars have survived the test of time, as well as identifying trends in manufacturing and parts usage by different assembly plants.

If documenting your beloved Charger is half the fun in your restoration, this web site is for you. Cars have the potential to change hands several times during their lifetime. This registry is not about the owner’s, but the cars. We hope you find this web site helpful, & hope all can appreciate its primary purpose. As individuals, our cars belong to ourselves, but as enthusiasts, the automotive history related to our cars belongs to all of us.

To register your vehicle, please fill out as much information as possible on the attached Fact and Data Sheet. Also, please submit a copy of your broadcast sheet (if available) and a image of your vehicle identification number tag and/or body code plate (if available). In addition, please submit a photograph of your vehicle for our records.

Note: When we publish the accumulated vehicle information databases no names or addresses are given if told not to.

As a service to our members, at no charge, we will answer any questions, decode broadcast sheets, and body code plate (fender tag) to the best of our ability with the available information.

Should you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance to you feel free to contact us.

There is no charge to register your vehicle.

Registry Integrity - The integrity of the site and all registered vehicles must either be physically inspected by someone from the registry or a image of the VIN and fender tag if available must be submitted in order to have their vehicle registered.

Thank you,

'71 Charger R/T Registry