1968 De-code Fender Tag

How to de-code your 1968 fender tag.
The tags is read from the bottom to the top, starting at the lower left corner.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
W Coronet model line
L Low price class
M Medium price class
H High price class
P Premium price class
S Special price class
Together they tell you the model of the car.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
WL Coronet
WM Coronet Super Bee
WH Coronet 440 (440 model name, not the engine size)
WP Coronet 500 (500 model name)
WS Coronet R/T
The next two digitsare for body type. All '68 Super Bee's are Coupes.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
21 2 door Coupe (rear window does not roll down)
23 2 door Hardtop (rear window does roll down)
27 2 door Convertible
29 2 door sports Hardtop (fastback Barracuda, Charger or Challenger SE)
41 4 door sedan
43 4 door Hardtop
45 6 passenger wagon
46 9 passenger wagon
Next is the engine code, for '68 Super Bee's the standard engine was the 383 HP, and the 426 Hemi, the only other option.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
11 170 slant six
21 225 slant six
31 273 2-bbl V8
32 273 4-bbl HP (1967)
41 318 2-bbl
52 340 4-bbl HP
61 383 2-bbl
62 383 4-bbl HP
73 426 Hemi (2) 4-bbl HP
81 440 4-bbl
82 440 4-bbl HP
Next is the transmission code. These are actually the last digit or two of the numeric sales code used this year.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
1 3-speed manual column shift
2 3-speed manual column shift (heavy duty)
3 4-speed maunal floor shift (A833)
5 3-speed automatic (most applications)
6 3-speed automatic HD
9 Special Order transmssion
Next tire code. There are a lot of different tires used or available.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
26 D70x14" BSW
27 D70x14" WSW
28 D70x14 RSW nylon belted
38 E70x14 RSW steel belted
39 E70x14" WSW
42 E70x14 RSW fiberglas belted
44 F70x14 RSW steel belted
45 F70x15 Red Streak Tires
46 F70x14 Red Streak Tires
46 F70x14 WSW
85 G70x15 WSW fiberglas belted
96 G70x15 Red Streak Tires
98 G70x15 White Streak Tires
99 Special Order Tires
Next three digits is the scheduled production build date for the car. "802" in this case stands for August 02, 1967. They used 1-9 for January - September, than they used A - October, B - November, and C- December. Production for the new model year generally started August 1st.

The next six digits are the vehicle sequence number. This number will also be stamped on the body. One on the radiator support and one on the trunklid lip.

The second line up from the bottom. You read the larger digits, under the set of smaller numbers.:

Code Number/Letter Description & Application
1 4 = sill mouldings
1 9 = wide sill mouldings
2 5 = drip rail mouldings
3 0 = body belt mouldings
4 7 = "B" pillar mouldings (for a coupe, rear window doesn't roll down)
5 5 = body side mouldings
7 8 = wheel lip mouldings
Next the two digits under "AX" , which is the axle ratio:
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
A 1 = 2.76 ratio
A 2 = 2.94 ratio
A 4 = 3.23 ratio
A 6 = 3.54/3.55 ratio (Dana/8 3/4 axle)
A 7 = 3.91 ratio
X blank = non sure grip (single spin)
X 8 = sure grip (both rear wheels have power)
Next the "TRM" code short for trim. It is the interior codes for the trim, seats, and color.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
Under T (this is the trim grade)
C Charger
H High
D Deluxe
P Premium
S Sport
Under R (this is the seat code)
4 Vinyl split bench seats
6 Vinyl bucket seats
7 Vinyl & cloth bucket seats
Under M (this is the interior colors)
A Gray
B Light Blue
C White & Blue
D White & Green
E White & Gold
F Green
H White & Tan
L Tan
N Gold & Black
Q Turquoise
R Red
S Silver & Black
V White & Red
W White & Black
X Black
Y Gold
Next is "PNT", which is short for paint. This tells us the color of the car and if it is two tone paint or monotone. The letter or number under "P" designates the color of the roof. The second letter/number under "N" is the body color. And you will see either a 1 or 2 under the "T" . The 1 designates monotone paint and the 2 designates two tone paint.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
A Silver Metallic
B Black
E Dark Blue Metallic
F Light Green Metallic
G Racing Green Metallic
J Medium Gold Metallic
L Dark Turquoise Metallic
M Bronze Metallic
P Red
Q Bright Blue Metallic
R Burgundy Metallic
S Yellow
T Medium Green Metallic
U Light Blue Metallic
W White
Y Medium Tan Metallic
X Biege
3 Charger Red
6 Dark Green Metallic
9 Special Order
Next "UBS" . The first one is the interior upper door frame color. It will have a letter/number under it same as the paint codes, to designate your color. The next item is to designate buffed paint, which was only for Silver Metallic. The last item here, is the stripe designator.

Numbers are sport stripes, and letters are accent (pin) stripes. The sport stripes are tape, and the accent stripes are painted.

Code Number/Letter Description & Application
0 Black Transverse (Bumble-Bee)
1/B Black Horizontal
2/H Red Horizontal
3/W White Horizontal
4 Red Transverse (Bumble-Bee)
5/C Blue Horizontal
6/P Green Horizontal
7 White Transverse (Bumble-Bee)
8 Stripe Delete
9 Stripe Delete
The next row have the last digit of the sales code for optional equipment.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
A 1 = 26" radiator diameter
B 3 = cruise control
C 4 = HD suspension w/swaybar
D 9 = front disc brakes
F 0 = decor package
F 7 = Formula S package (Barracuda)
H 1 = power brakes
K 8 = power windows
N 8 = rear window defogger
P 6 = rear seat speaker
R 0 = AM radio with stereo 8-track tape player
R 1 = AM radio
R 8 = AM/FM radio
S 1 = air conditioning
T 7 = Tachometer
X 1 = tinted glass (all)
X 2 = tinted windshield only
Y 0 = green convertible top
Y 1 = black convertible top
Y 2 = white convertible top
Y 4 = green vinyl top
Y 6 = black vinyl top
Y 7 = white vinyl top
Z 8 = performance hood treatment (Roadrunner/GTX)
The last top row more sales code for optional equipment.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
a 5 = center front seat
a 6 = console
b 4 = bucket seats
h 7 = fender/hood mounted turn signal indicators
k 7 = passenger outside manual mirror
m 6 = driver's outside remote operated mirror
u 1 = sold car when built (somebody ordered it)
w 6 = build to spec's for Canada
w 7 = build to spec's for Export
y 9 = special order