1969 Decode Lynch Rd. Fender Tag

How to decode your 1969 Lynch Rd Fender Tag.
1969 Lynch Rd tags are different then the other plants. They start with the Body Style first, then the Engine Code, and Transmission Code, and then comes the (SBD) Scheduled Build Date, and finally the (VON) Vehicle Order Number. The (VIN) Vehicle Identification Number, is on the top row right side and will start with the model year, the the (A) Plant Code, and finaly the Sequence Number. Note: The fifth digit (Engine Code) of the VIN is never shown on the 1969 tags.

The (A12) is the 440 Six Pack Engine conversion package code. So, that would replace the Engine Code of E36, (H) to a (M) in the VIN.

The Second Row up from the bottom:
All plants used two digit codes for the paint in 1969. NOTE: Lynch Rd substituted two digit codes for the vinyl top and stripe codes. Instead of (V1X) for Black Vinyl roof, you will see just (1X). Lynch Rd did dropped the (V) also in the stripe code.

Many option codes that were common on the other plant's tags are left off. Some common items coded, like (A12) 440 Six Pack Engine conversion, (C16) Console, (H51) Air Conditioning, (N96) Ramcharger Hood, and (26) which is the Radiator diameter.

The Fifth Row up from the bottom:
Three digit numerical codes. They are, from left to right, the Engine/Transmission, Rear Axle and Transmission codes. These are the same three digit part number codes that you will find on the Broadcast Sheet.

The Top Row:
A five digit code and a six digit code on the top line of these tags followed by the VIN. These are the special Lynch Rd assembly line codes.
The first two digits of the five are the Gate Sequence Number, followed by the three digits of the Base Sequence Number.
The next six digits are the Line Sequence Number.
The last eight digits in the VIN, (Model Year, Plant Code and Sequence Number).

Here are the 1969 codes.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
897 383 4BBL, Manual Transmission, A/C, 330HP
899 383 4BBL, Automatic Transmission, A/C, 330HP
900 383 4BBL, Automatic Transmission, Heater, 330HP
915 440 4BBL, Manual Transmission, Heater, 375HP
916 440 4BBL, Automatic Transmission, A/C, 375HP
917 440 4BBL, Automatic Transmission, Heater, 375HP
921 426 HEMI, Manual Transmission, Heater, 425HP
922 426 HEMI, Automatic Transmission, Heater, 425HP
925 383 4BBL, Manual Transmission, Heater, 335HP
926 383 4BBL, Automatic Transmission, Heater, 335HP
Next the 1969 Rear Axle code.
(S/G = Sure Grip, POWER to both Rear Wheels)
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
589 3.23 Open, 8 3/4, 10" Rear Drums - Front Disc
591 3.55 S/G, 8 3/4, 10" Rear Drums - Front Disc (A36 Pkg)
592 3.23 S/G, 8 3/4, 10" Rear Drums - Front Disc
593 3.23 open, 8 3/4, 11" Rear & Front Drums
594 3.55 S/G, 8 3/4, 11" Rear & Front Drums (A36 Pkg)
595 3.23 S/G, 8 3/4, 11" Rear & Front Drums
596 3.54 S/G, DANA 60, 11" Rear & Front Drums (A33 Pkg)
597 597 - 3.54 S/G, DANA 60, 10" Rear Drums - Front Disc (A33 Pkg)
642 3.91 S/G, 8 3/4, 10" Rear Drums - Front Disc (A31 Pkg)
643 3.91 S/G, 8 3/4, 11" Rear & Front Drums (A31 Pkg)
644 4.10 S/G, DANA 60, 10" Rear Drums - Front Disc (A32/A34 Pkg)
999 4.10 S/G, DANA 60, 11" Rear & Front Drums (A12 Pkg)
Next the 1969 Transmission.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
091 727 Automatic Transmission, 383-4BBL Engine
093 727 Automatic Transmission, 383-4BBL & 440 HP Engines
094 727 Automatic Transmission, 426 HEMI Engine
603 833 4-speed Manual, 383-4BBL Engine, (23 spline)
605 833 4-speed Manual, 426 HEMI & 440 HP Engines, (18 spline)
Now back to the Bottom Line starting at the Left
WM is Coronet model line, Medium Price Class, which was the Super Bee line. The next two digits are the body type.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
21 2 door Coupe (rear window does not roll down)
23 2 door Hardtop (rear window does roll down)
27 2 door Convertible
29 2 door sports Hardtop (fastback Barracuda, Charger or Challenger SE)
41 4 door sedan
43 4 door Hardtop
45 6 passenger wagon
46 9 passenger wagon
The next three digits are the Engine Code. Here are 1969 Codes.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
E24 225 Slant Six
E31 273 2-bbl V8
E44 318 2-bbl
E55 340 4-bbl HP (also 1970 Six Pack)
E61 383 2-bbl
E63 383 4-bbl HP
E74 426 HEMI (2) 4-bbl HP
Next is a three digit numbers that designates the Scheduled Build Date of the car.
Scheduled production for the new model year begins August 1st of the previous year, which means the 1969 model year production started August 1st, 1968. So 819 stands for August 19, 1968.
The months are:
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
1 January
2 February
3 March
4 April
5 May
6 June
7 July
8 August
9 September
A October
B November
C December
The next six digits are the Vehicle Order Number, which is assigned to the original dealer order sheet.

Second Line:
First is the two digits for the paint code for the roof. Then it's listed again, for the body color.
These are the codes for Dodge for the 1969 model year.
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
A4 Silver Metallic
B3 Light Blue Metallic
B5 Bright Blue Metallic
B7 Medium Blue Metallic
F3 Light Green Metallic
F5 Medium Green Metallic
F6 Bright Green Metallic (mid year introduced)
F8 Dark Green Metallic
K2 Go Mango (mid year introduced Hi-Impact)
L1 Beige
Q5 Bright Turquoise Metallic
R4 Bright Red (mid year introduced)
R6 Red
T3 Light Bronze Metallic
T5 Copper Metallic
T7 Dark Bronze Metallic
V2 Hemi Orange (mid year introduced Hi-Impact)
W1 White
Y2 Yellow
Y3 Cream
Y4 Light Gold Metallic
X9 Black
95 Special Order
96 Special Order (Butterscotch - L5, mid year Hi-Impact)
97 Special Order (Bright Green Metallic, mid year)
99 Special Order
Next the interior trim code. They are: first digit - Price Class; second digit - Seat type; third digit - Interior color:
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
C Charger
D Deluxe
F Floral
L Low
M Medium
H High
P Premium
Seat type:
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
1 Bench - Cloth/Vinyl
2 Bench - Vinyl
3 Bench - Cloth/Vinyl split
4 Bench - Vinyl split
5 Buckets - Cloth/Vinyl
6 Buckets - Vinyl
8 Buckets - Vinyl 50/50
R Buckets - Vinyl/Leather
Interior color:
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
A Gray
B Light Blue
C White / Blue
D Dark Blue
E Briar (Dark Brown)
E White / Gold
F White / Green
G Green
H White / Tan
J Yellow Floral / Green (FJ6)
J Saddle Tan / Green (D6J)
K Walnut / Biege
L Champagne
L Chanpagne / Black
M Burgundy
N Black Gold / Black
P Pale Yellow / Black (D6P)
P Yellow Floral / Black (F6P)
Q Turquoise
Q Turquoise / Floral
R Red
S Pewter / Black
T Saddle
T Tan
U Saddle Tan / Black
V White / Red
W White / Black
X Black
Y Gold
Next the Interior upper door frame color. Use the same code as the exterior, so F8 is dark green metallic.

The Thrid ROW and will continue up to the next rows and some times a additional tag:
Three digit sales codes for the options that came on the car:
Code Number/Letter Description & Application
A01 Light Group
A04 B asic Radio Group
A09 Concealed Headlamps
A12 Engine Conversion Package (1969 440-Six Pack)
A31 Hi-Performance axle package (Hemi suspension & cooling, 3.91 ratio, 340 & 383 only)
A32 Super Performance axle pkg. (4.10 Dana axle, 426 & 440 with automatic only, 69-70)
A33 Trak Pak axle pkg. (3.54 Dana, 426 & 440 with 4-speed only, 69-71)
A34 Super Trak Pak axle pkg. (4.10 Dana, 426 & 440 with 4-speed 69-70, & Auto. 1971)
A36 Performance axle pkg. (3.55 ratio, 340, 383 both, & 426, 440 with Auto. 69-71)
A62 rallye instrument cluster
B41 front disc brakes
B51 power brakes
C16 console
C21 center front folding armrest
C55 bucket seats
C62 6-way adjustable driver's seat
G11 tinted glass (all)
G15 tinted windshield only
G31 passenger side manual mirror (chrome)
G33 outside driver's side remote mirror (chrome)
G36 outside dual racing mirror's (painted)
H31 rear window defogger
H51 air conditioning
J25 variable speed wipers with electric washer
J45 hood tie down pins
J78 front spoiler
J81 rear wing spoiler
L31 hood/fender mounted turn signal indicators
M21 drip rail mouldings
M25 sill mouldings
M31 belt mouldings
M46 quarter panel simulated air scoops
M51 power sunroof
N41 dual exhaust
N42 bright exhaust tips
N85 tachometer
N95 emissions control (California)
N96 fresh air hood
N97 noise reduction package (California)
P31 power windows
P37 power convertible top
R11 AM music master radio
R22 AM with stereo 8-track player
R31 rear seat speaker
R35 AM/FM stereo radio
V1* - vinyl top (3rd digit is the color)
F Green
G Gator Grain
T Tan
W White
X Black
V21 performance hood treatment
V3* convertible top (W-white or X-black)
V6* longitudinal sport stripes (body side, tape)
V7* longitudinal accent stripes (body side, paint)
V8* Bumble-Bee stripes (tape)
B Blue
F Green
R Red
W White
X Black
8 Stripe Delete
Y13 dealer demonstrator
Y14 sold car
Y16 sales bank
Y39 special order
26 Radiator diameter (larger cooling capacity, A/C or axle pkg.)
CTD Continued (on second tag)
END End of sales codes (EN1, EN2, found on Hamtramck plant tags, they had two assembly lines)