WS23U1A188874 - 440, Auto, GW3 - Todd Wayne


    Year 1971   Cylinders 8
    Make Dodge   Displacement 440 4bbl
    Model Charger R/T   Engine HP 370
    Base Mfr's Price $3,777   Transmission Auto
    Body Type 2-Door Hardtop   Rear Axle 8 3/4
    VIN WS23U1A188874   Gears 3.23:1 S/G
    Build Date June 07, 1971   Brakes 11" Front & Rear Drums
    Exterior Color GW3 Bright White   U Built for U.S.A.
    Interior Color Bucket Seats Black  
    Factory Options   Additional Information
    C16, G11, H51, 26"  

    I bought the car off a guy who had gotten it in a lot-deal of six Mopars. The one he wanted was an AAR 'Cuda but he had to buy all six to make the deal. He sold me one of the 'lesser-cool" cast-off's (at a good price). It had some awesome options like A/C and all tinted glass, hideaways, tach, and console/slapstik. Even had my favorite wheels and new tires on it. I bought it without hearing it run (dead battery). But I thought it was plenty cool so I wasn't worried.


    Prior to that it had went across the block at Barret-Jackson. Kind of a Wednesday car, one of the least expensive you might see there. It was sold as "Un-Restored" as a project I suppose. But I like that sort of dingy charm it has. It was brought in by a dealer out of Missouri. Originally it was sold at Town and Country Dodge, in Abilene Texas. I have a lot of papers that came with the car, original owner's warranty card and so on.


    I bought it exactly one year and one day later than it had gone across the block. I could have bought it exactly one year later by coincidence, but didn't have a cheque with me when I first went to see it.


    It has quite a bit of the original paint left on it still. But you can tell its has its share of owners too. Its still missing a few date-correct parts here and there. Its a project that will keep me puttering around wrecking yards and the web for quite a few years. I doubt very much I'll restore it by taking it all apart. Been there - done that. But I'd like to eventually make it as original as I can and get the A/C working! I enjoy it as it is, a really nice driver. I'll only put a few hundred miles on it a year anyways.


    The thing that I really liked about it right off, other than a friend of mine had a bad-ass black one back in the day, was its futuristic looks. And with all the stripes and spoilers its just over the top outlandish. Gets the looks everywhere I go. You just don't see these anymore.


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