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1971 SUPER BEE -- 383 EXPORT -- The Netherlands

By Arthur de Jong

I have an original "export" model Superbee from 1971. Always been in europe. Originally a 383 auto it now sports a 440 - superstock 6 pack. I bought the Bee 4 years ago in addition of my '70 440 Cuda and '71 Challenger 383 convertible (also export) and 73 Town & Country to add a racer to the bunch.

So I was looking for this wide tire big block drag race Mopar with street license and my eye fell on the Bee during a vacation in Sweden while looking in a local car trader.

Due to limited space in my garage, I decided to measure up the parking space first before buying anything, and once I got home I immediately measured up and found out that by 1/2 inch it would fit. Close enough for me I phoned to Sweden for the car to find it had been sold, damn.

Now I had set my mind on the car, I had to have it, so I made an extra effort to locate the car again and in the winter, I found it. I called the owner and asked if it was still for sale. It was, and I made a quick trip to the land of Santa.

When we got there, we noticed that the owner lived up a hill and there was 3 feet snow everywhere. How could we make a test-drive? Ehhhh, not. So I bought it without the test-drive and arranged shipping for the car to take it 1400 miles south to it's new home; The Netherlands. Driving it home would make me deaf and bankrupt in one occasion.

Although the car is cutup and converted to prostreet, it still is an awesome piece of Mopar. It passed street registration in one session which is unusual for a car of that magnitude in a country that's ruled by minivans, clean air movements and bicycles.

I expected lot's of trouble with the 3 1/2 inch exhausts, the inboard fuelcell, no heater, Tires that read; not for highway use, relocated battery, etc but the inspector clearly liked the car alot. Since I drive it mostly in the streets and occasionally on the strip.

The 4000 lbs. car ran 11.8 1/4 mile last summer and has potential for more.

440 with Weiand super stock 6 pack
Compcams roller cam and roller lifters
Ported polished 906 heads with the biggest valves possible
Msd billet distribution
Moroso electrical waterpump
727 manual shift and reverse shift pattern
Fortified 8 3/4 with spool and 4.56:1 gears
Big Mickey Thompsons in the rear and runners up front.


71 Super Bee 71 Super Bee 71 Super Bee
71 Super Bee

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