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1971 SUPER BEE TX9 383 4bbl AUTO

By Mark Gransaull

The Charger Super Bee was bought for me in 1987, I was 17years old, I fell in love with it upon sight. The muscle and power and noise, nothing could beat that! It has spent most of my ownership in storage and just recently came back home after 6years in storage, now, lots of ideas and work ahead of me.....

Here is something to think about. My car a black "B" the person who bought the car for me was black and everyone called him "B", he has now passed away and this black "B" is all I have from my black friend "B"...

As for fender tags, when I was 18 I did not think to much about original and changed the fenders to fiberglass, thought it would lighten up the car a bit, I'm still not totally thinking about original right now,

I'm 33 and have two boys 10 and 7 and plan to still have it around when they get older and can appreciate it too, They already do love it, but give them 10-20yrs, by then maybe it will be fully restored, But for now its a PURE Adrenaline rush and eye catcher, I met my wife in the BEE one night and gave her a ride home, 14 yrs later no wife, but I still have the BEE and I'm happy for that!

Mark Gransaull

'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee
'71 Super Bee

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