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1971 SUPER BEE -- GW3, 383, AUTO. TRANS

By Trey Feazel

It all started about three months ago right after I turned seventeen. I was sitting around the house one day bored so I asked my Dad if he wanted to do something together and he asked me what I meant. I really was not sure what I meant at the time but I then saw a picture of him when he was a kid with his new '73 Charger. I then asked him if we could get an old car and fix up together. He kind of blew it off and thought it was one of my crazy ideas but I kept on. I got online and started looking to see what type of car I wanted. I saw a '71 Charger and fell in love with it. I decided that I wanted a Charger between the years of '70 and '73.

One Saturday after bothering my Dad for about a month, he decided to take me around town looking for just the right project for us. Right before I left the house I was looking online for a last minute search and I found this '71 Super Bee. I immediately went crazy and called the man who owned the car but all I was able reach was his voicemail. I could not get in touch with him so I left with my Dad. I was pretty disappointed because no one in town new of any where that I could buy a Charger and I still had not talked to that man with the car I knew I had to have. About five minutes after we had given up hope looking, my cell phone rang. Sure enough it was the man who owned the '71 Super Bee. He said that he still had the car and that his shop was only about an hour and a half from where I lived.

I talked with my Dad for a minute and we headed over to see him. My Dad told not to get too excited because we were just looking but it was too late. As soon as I got to his shop I jumped out and could not find the car. He told me that the car was behind his house so I had to follow him there. It was the longest ten minutes I have ever witnessed. When we arrived at his house he showed me a few of his other cars and then took me up a hill to this beautiful car. Every one else thought that is was a piece of junk but I know its true potential and I had already planned out what all was going to be done to it. I knew that this car was going to be mine from the second I saw it. We looked at it for about 45 minutes and then told the owner that we would be in touch. You know how that works.

Well the next day I spent a lot of time thinking and talking about that car. Then, the next day, after I had worn my Dad's ear out, we loaded up the truck and trailer and headed off to get the car. We got there and the man told me that someone else came and looked at the car right after I did and they were about to purchase it. But they did not stand a chance because I was there with the money and the car was mine. I brought it back and started working on it right then. It still has the original 383 big block and transmission. It is a great car but still a work in progress. I can not wait to get it on the road.

E65=383 Motor
D32=Auto Trans
M=Prics class, (Super Bee)
23=Body Style, Charger 2 Dr. H/Top
N=Engine size and type 383
1=Year 1971
A=Lynch Road assembly plant
136456=Serial number

GW3=(WHITE) Lower Body Paint (G) year color came out
C6XA=Trim Code Charger, Buckets, in Black/Gunmetal
TX9=(BLACK) Interior Paint color
B27=Build date November 27th
056279=Order Number

V1W=(WHITE) Vinyl Roof
U=Build for USA
C16=Console w/Woodgrain Panel
H51=Air Conditioning

26=26" Radiator diameter (larger cooling capacity, A/C or axle pkg.)
G36=Left remote control & right manual painted racing mirrors

G11=Tinted glass all

151161=Gate/Base Sequence Number Lynch Road assembly plant
135324=Line Sequence Number Lynch Road assembly plant
420=383 4BBL, auto. trans., A/C, 300hp
042=Axle 3.23 open, 8 3/4, 10" rear drum - front disc/LD drum


'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee

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