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1971 SUPER BEE -- 383 4-Speed

By Stan Aksamit

I've attached a few pictures and the original window sticker. I paid $4,065.00 out the door. Wish we could do that again. Anyway, The last pictures, 1979, were taken just before I sold the car and about 20 hours before it was totaled. I really loved the custom pearl paint. As you can see, The body was flawless. To this day, I regret ever selling it, but at today's prices, I couldn't think of getting one.

In the 9 years I owned it, I replaced the tires with BFG's (G50's & L50's), three front end alignments and a few batteries. The shifter was as tight as new, the clutch never adjusted in 82K miles and it still could put down very long patches.

The original color was Bright Blue and in '76 I had the pearl paint applied. The pearl appeared dark blue most times, but in some light it looked purple. There were 3 coats, black, 3 coats blue pearl and about 20 coats clear. A light blue metalflake accented the hood (where the black was) and around the taillights.

The very last picture is my present car, I know it's not a Mopar, but it also is excellent. My wife has a GT also, and when we replace it, a Charger will be next. Maybe in Plum Crazy. By the way, I'm 66 and refuse to grow up. I've only owned muscle cars all my life. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Link to Current owner: David Strieby

'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee
'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee

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