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SWEDEN -- 1971 DODGE SUPER BEE 383, 4bbl, FE5

Mats Lundberg

Two summers ago I sold another '71 Bee, that was not that nice, and the background was very doubtful. I was determined to get a new '71 Bee, and since there are only 10-11 of them here in Sweden I only had to phone them one at the time

After a few calls I got lucky, a guy in the south of Sweden had this beauty in a garage since the end of the 80,th., and was very willing to sell.

I got in my car and drove 5 hours, to meet him. We went to see the car, there it was sitting in a dark but warm garage with 15 years of dust, a flat rear tire, it looked really sad. The original parts all there, and the car was painted FE5 red and almost ready, but the guy had lost interest in it, so near the finish line. The car is #'s and has two fender tags and buildsheet.

It came with front disc brakes and powerstering, A/C that still works, tinted glass, allso the rare console mounted cassetteplayer. The interior is black with bucketseats, and are like new.

I got the car home and changed the carpet and front seat uppholtery, a new stripe and new wheels and tires.

In a near future I plan to change the vinyl top and paint the engine bay.

I am a proud owner of two other cars, one 57 Coronet 2dr hard top, and one '70 SixPakpack Super Bee, restored to factory spec. But the '71 Bee is my favorite.


'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee

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