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Rick Reed

I stumbled onto your website kind of accidentally. Never would have thought there would be a '71 Super Bee website. I guess I always thought these cars were very unknown. I used to get a blank stare every time I tried to describe what mine were. I think some people thought I made it up. Nice surprise.

I am struggling with waiting for the new Challenger or buying something old. Either way I need some Mopar muscle in my life.

My first car was a '71 Super Bee. This would have been around 1984. The car was in pretty poor shape and when I got a racing ticket in it my Mother forced me to sell it so I could pay my fines. My next car was a '73 Rallye Charger. A buddy of mine buys a really nice '71 Super Bee and proceeds to drive it into a tree. I end up buying the car from him. I then buy back my first Bee to use for parts. The car had spent its life on the race track so it was 100% rust free. The car had a '69 RR 383 in it. It was B5 blue when I had it but original color was sub lime. The car was a four speed, had cloth seats with fully adjustable drivers seat. It also had power windows.

You will notice that after the car was repaired it was sporting an R/T hood insert. The hood off of my old car wasn't in very good shape. I went to the junk yard and asked if they had any hoods. The guy leads me out to find this R/T hood. I think I paid $150 for it. This of course was in 1985. I believe that go-green is darker than the sub lime green. This car was painted the brighter of the two. That was the color underneath the blue so I assumed it was the original color. I have no documentation on the car unfortunately.

I get out of high school and my father convinces me to be practical and get rid of the car. The car still needed paint so I signed it over to my father who had his brother paint it then they sold it. He videotaped the car when it was finished. I was astonished and yep that tape somehow got erased.

As you can imagine it's now twenty years later, realizing what a stupid mistake getting rid of that car was. Along with the '70 Super Bee, '73 Charger Rallye, and '70 Challenger. Oh yea and my '76 400 Cordoba while were at it.


So, I am wondering if you know of any green, 4 speed '71 Super Bees from the Williamsport, PA area?

Maybe the guy is ready to part with it. Or perhaps I can at least tell him all that I know about the car.

'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee
'71 Super Bee

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