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1971 Super Bee

By Terry Patrick

I had been looking for a 1971 Super bee for many years. When I was about 12 or 13 I was just getting into cars and the dodges and plymouths seem to have the most impact on me. I remember a yellow '71 Super Bee sitting in a field a few miles from my house that really got my attention. It was parked in front of a guys shed with 2 other chargers. It had a pistol grip 4-speed and the standard Super Bee hood. As time passed by the car was never for sale and eventually the guy did paint it and moved off.I had always wanated one but never could find one closeby.I met up with a guy at a doctors office one day in july of '99 who drove up in a nicely restored '72 duster 340. I struck up a conversation with him and I mentioned how I really wanted a '71 Super Bee. As luck would have it he had one sitting in his yard he wanted to get rid of. I followed him to his place and there it was sitting behind his workshop.I looked it over to make sure it was a legit Super Bee. Sure enough it had the WM23N1 vin plate and the yellow super bee emblem on the dash.He was not asking too much for the car but i asked if he would trade it for a decent RUNNING '71 satellite.The deal was made and off to my house with the bee.It has power disc brakes and the valence with the cutouts(the chrome tips were in the trunk). It was missing the hood insert but thanks to Tony D'agostino and Jerry from J&J parts i now have 2 of them.The cars shows about 55000 miles and the last tag on it was from 1977.I found an old bussiness card inside it from a local wrecker service and when I asked someone from the wrecker service if he recognized the car, he did. He told me who owned it at one time and where he was from.The car currently sits in my garage partaily stripped,blasted,and waiting on me to get around to working on it someday.


71 Super Bee 71 Super Bee 71 Super Bee
71 Super Bee 71 Super Bee 71 Super Bee
71 Super Bee 71 Super Bee 71 Super Bee
71 Super Bee

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