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By Jens Kriete

I bought the Bee in 1999 in Texas and had it shipped over to me here in Germany. The original 383 was gone and a 74 truck 440 got installed. Car is a Hemi Orange 383/727 with orange/black cloth & vinyl interior, has buckets and console. It originally had 14" Rallyes with white line tires and a black vinyl top which currently is missing.

After arrival I did a bit technical stuff to get it on the road again. The trans was bad, as were the brakes. The complete front suspension was shot, and the car needed a complete exhaust system. A friend of mine did some bodywork in the usual places. After that the Bee proved to be quite dependable and makes a lot of fun! I must admit I like other colors like GreenGo or Citron Yella better, but the matching color scheme inside and out makes my car a (to me) desirable package.

I don't know much about the history of the car before 1995. In 95 an Oklahoma resident named Dean bought the car from what he said was the original owner. After I wrote a letter to Dean he called me back (I live in Germany !!) and told me many interesting things. He could remember the original owner's name was Jim or James Morton and the car ran in the Shawnee/OK-area its entire life. He told me the car was licensed until 83 when it was parked "on a field". The engine got sold, and other parts like the wheels and exhaust disappeared over time, either got sold or stolen or deteriorated that much that they were of no value anymore, I don't know. As I haven't found the original owner it is just my guess.

Dean told me he knew the car early and tried to buy it from the original owner even when it was still on the street, but Jim wouldn't sell. Finally in 1995, after 12 years out in the elements, they made the deal and the car for the first time got into "collector hands".

I have the rear license plate with a 1983 sticker on a 1981 stamped steel. So I guess it isn't the original license number. Don't know anything about Oklahoma DMV rules but I'd guess the car was either off the street before 81 or came to OK from another state.

If anyone knows the car, original owner or the original dealership please feel free to contact me.


'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee
'71 Super Bee

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