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   Lonnie McDonald - FE5 Bright Red 383, 4-Spd

1971 383 4-speed (1 of 766)

Lonnie McDonald

I was looking for several months for a 1971 Super Bee when I came across this 383 4bbl 4-speed, complete Bee. It was in Erie, PA & I live near Kansas City, KS but the fact that it was a 4-speed (1 of 766) Super Bee's was worth the 14-15 hour drive. It was all there but was in overall rough shape. It had a minor left front end collision, which shoved the inner fender well into the firewall about an 1". The left front fender was shoved into the door & when someone opened the door forcefully it smashed the rear edge of the fender. The hood was rusted pretty bad, luckily on the top was only major surface rust, no rust thru. The underneath frame was a diffferent story as it was rusted out here & there.

I have taken the hood apart and since replaced it with a good donor underneath structure.The front windshield frame area and posts have major rust out, which will have to be taken care of. Both inner fenders of the engine compartment will have to be replaced, the firewall needs a good donor or some major fabrication. The driver side floorboard is rusted out, which will be replaced. The rockers are in good shape, both doors need work, trunk floor and rear wheelwells are in good shape. Both rear qtrs need work. I have traveled near Chicago, IL to pick up 2 front fenders which are in better shape than mine but need some minor work. I am constantly on the look out for '71 Dodge Charger parts.

This is a major ground up process which will take me several years to complete as it will take plenty of money to restore.

Lonnie McDonald

'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee
'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee
'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee
'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee
'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee

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